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Bridging the Wall

Article deals with the invisible wall that exists between Hearing/Hard of Hearing people and Deaf people! The article explains what the wall is and what I and others are doing to bridge the wall.

4 Effective Methods of Earwax Removal

Even though earwax is a beneficial substance in the ear, in some situations it may need to be removed. Sometimes, earwax does not extrude.

What Is Ear Barotrauma?

Ear barotrauma is discomfort, pain and even damage in the ear that is caused by differences in the air pressure inside the eardrum and air pressure outside the eardrum. This condition usually occurs with changes in altitude like driving in mountains, flying or scuba diving.

Tinnitus: An Incisive And Comprehensive Look at What Causes Ringing In the Ears

The human ear performs the function of absorbing sounds while the human brain in conjunction with the ear processes the sounds and creates the right range and interpretation of these sounds. Sometimes a break in this link between the ear and the brain wherein there is alack of correct interpretation leads to ‘ringing in the ears ‘, a medical condition termed as tinnitus.

A Cure For Tinnitus That Remains Imperfect

Unfortunately, a silver bullet cure for tinnitus still remains out of reach for us. While scientific research into this global problem continues, relief from its annoying and potentially disruptive effects is still reliant on some tried and true remedies and treatment options. Read our article to find out more.

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