Will Insurance Companies Start Pushing OTCs to save $$$?

What Are The Best Hearing Aids For You?

There are totally 4 different kinds of hearing aids, the box type ones are the earliest kind of electronic hearing aids. In this the person wears a box which is the receiver and amplifier in their pocket, and is connected to the ear pieces through wires. Nobody uses these nowadays.

Tinnitus Control – A Natural Treatment That Helps Silence Ringing In The Ears

The noise pollution of modern day living has produced an increase in the number of people who walk around with the perception of constant ringing in their ears, even when there is no similar external sound. This condition is known as tinnitus and it has frustrated many people over the years as they have desperately searched for some relief from the perceived noise in their head.

Tuning Out the Tinnitus

Learn how to get used to your tinnitus quickly. Become so used to it that you only rarely think about it. Block out the negative emotion!

Tinnitus Cure – Is There Such a Thing?

People who suffer from tinnitus often wonder if there is a tinnitus cure. But the question is – is there such a thing as a tinnitus cure?

Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery Abroad

The field of Otolaryngology also referred to as ENT (ear, nose, and throat) describes a delicate medical field treating an important system in our body as well as head and neck disorders. Any ENT condition can potentially cause severe pain in multiple places, temporary or permanently damage one’s hearing and even cause trouble with a patients breathing. Simple and common conditions such as chronic earaches, colds and sore throats cause misery for millions of us every year, as well as more serious conditions like sinus problems.

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