What are the BEST Hearing Aids for Tinnitus 2022? and Can They Help to Cure Tinnitus?

Check Your Auditory Health At A Hearing Center

Check out your auditory health by visiting a hearing center. Learn when you should visit and who is at the most risk for loss.

The Big What If

Hearing devices began with nothing more than an ear trumpet. Technology with computers brought the hearing aid into the twenty-first century. What if certain people had not existed?

Childhood Hearing Loss

There are two types of hearing loss in young children- sensori-neural deafness and conductive hearing loss. Find out more in this article about these types of hearing loss and how best to manage them.

Answering the Question – What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the medical term used to describe the condition whereby a person hears a ringing sound in either one or both of their ears.The sounds are also often said to be like a buzzing noise, or maybe sound like tones of different pitches such as you would hear  when a tuning fork is struck.

Methods for Testing an Individual’s Hearing

Audiograms are a method for testing your hearing in a soundproof room while utilizing sophisticated and calibrated equipment. Trained audiologists will normally administer the test to you. Earphones will need to go over your ears. Tones will then be presented to either ear, but only one at a time. Recordings are done to document the softest level of sounds you are able to hear.

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