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Choosing the Best Hearing Aid

There are many reasons why someone would experience deafness. Often there is some type of build up inside the ear canal blocking the ear’s ability to amplify the sounds properly. Sometimes, however, it is something more serious, such as natural aging or a birth defect.

Three Modern Hearing Aid Improvements

Remember what a hearing aid looked like in the past? Gone are the days of outdated equipment and unsuccessful attempts at helping an individual with his or her ability to hear. Read on to learn more about these modern advancements.

Your Hearing Aid – Make It Last With These Tips

You should take care of your hearing aid just as you would any expensive piece of modern technology. If you want it to work as well in five years as it does today, here are some tips you can put to use.

When I Eat Salt, My Ear Swells!

You are not crazy. Yes, they itch. This is why…

A Good Audiologist Will Help You Find A Good Hearing Aid

Most of the time when people find out that they are suffering from hearing loss, it isn’t news to them. They are relieved to know that they are not crazy, but they are also shocked that it is really true. The average person waits as long as seven years to seek help…

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