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When You Wear Hearing Aids You Have to Plan Ahead

Getting used to hearing aids takes time. You also need to make supply and situation plans. This article, by a grandmother, tells how she lives with ear gear. Her story may help you adjust to wearing hearing devices.

Hearing Aid Care: Protecting Your Investment

Finding out that you need hearing aids can be an emotional and financial jolt. Most health plans don’t cover the cost of hearing aids. After spending hundreds, and maybe thousands, of dollars, you need to make your aids last as long as possible. These tips may help you do that.

Tinnitus – Can It Be Cured? How Do I Get Relief?

Tinnitus has no cure…but that doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of it. The effects of tinnitus can in fact be reversed to the point where you no longer suffer the ringing and buzzing that constantly plagues your ears.

Otoplasty for Your Child

Otoplasty is an ear surgery that is performed during a youngster’s childhood. Here are some things to think about.

Hearing Loss: Is It Time to Invest in New Ear Gear?

Hearing loss can remain stable for years and then change. The aids you have worn for years may not work as well. This leads to thoughts of buying new ear gear. Should you spend more money on aids or stick with what you have? This article tells how one grandmother made her decision.

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