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Questions to Expect at a Hearing Center Appointment

When you go to a hearing center you can expect to deal with certain things. One thing you will expect is that you will face a battery of questions upon your initial interview.

Understanding the Results of Your Hearing Test

There are several outcomes that might flow from your hearing center tests. Your doctor will diagnose you as having minimal, moderate, or severe loss in ability, and each of these diagnoses is accompanied by various sorts of treatment.

Hearing Center Basis For Recommendations

There are several different bases upon which a hearing center will usually make its recommendations. Understanding these key aspects of the assessment can make the process much more comfortable for a prospective patient.

Hearing Center Auditory Brainstem Response

Sometimes a traditional hearing center test is not enough to determine whether or not children have any loss. When these methods don’t work, an Auditory Brainstem Response test can provide useful information.

Hearing Center – Audiological Services

There are a variety of services offered at a hearing center. Patients come for more than just testing or an evaluation. The often come to purchase new equipment or earmolds.

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