Upward Spread of Masking | Common Hearing Aid Programming Mistakes

Make Sure You Prepare For Your Hearing Test

Some people make a habit of doing certain things. Therefore, they know what to expect. For example, a person who surfs often knows what type of waves are liable to come up.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Hearing Test

For many people, getting a yearly checkup is important. It’s so important that they even pencil it in on their calendar. This goes for men and women alike.

Everything You Need to Know About Completely in the Canal Hearing Aids

If you are looking for the smallest form of hearing aid on the market that will be undetectable to anyone around you, the completely in canal hearing aids may be the best option for you. The vast majority of manufacturers are now offering these handy little devices as an alternative to the behind the ear hearing aids that were traditionally available.

A Hearing Test for Middle-Agers

Although many people are in denial about it, once we make it to a certain age our bodies begin to slowly deteriorate. Just think about it, when people become older they are no longer capable of standing for long periods of time. They can’t see as well as they used to.

No One Is Too Young for a Hearing Test

Jana’s sister Lisa was what some would call, a human alarm clock. She woke up on time for work every morning, without fail. It seemed as if her body was just accustomed to it.

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