Turning Your Hearing Aids into a Fashion Statement! DeafMetal Hearing Aid Jewelry ?

Michael and His Hearing Aid Were Accepted Thanks to Guile

Moving to a new school and being different in terms of what you wear, where you live, and the jobs that you have is difficult. Add in a hearing aid and you tend to stand out. In Michael’s case, he earned the respect and love of his new classmates.

He Wore a Hearing Aid and I Didn’t Even Know

Wow, has the world changed. When grandma needed a hearing aid 20 years ago she resisted for every reason under the sun. Now, the bank teller I had a crush on had one, and I didn’t even notice.

Tinnitus – Finding Solution to Ringing Problem

A person who suffers from tinnitus feels a lot of distress. In many cases, it appears that no one understands the exact problem that they are facing on a daily basis. Tinnitus causes sleeping problems, memory issues, depression, stress and anxiety.

Help! I Think I Have a Hearing Loss!

Worried that the online hearing test is correct and you DO have a hearing loss? Not sure what to do next? Read this article for some suggestions.

Suffering From Dementia – Get a Hearing Test Done

The correlation between hearing loss and dementia is not exactly clear. A study conducted by John Hopkins University School of Medicine and The National Institute on Aging showed a possible relationship between hearing loss and cognitive skills for older people. The study found that individuals who face severe hearing loss are five times more likely to see a cogitative decline as they grow older. This is just one reason a hearing test is key when showing early signs of dementia and a hearing machine may be needed.

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