Treating Hearing Loss & Tinnitus with Stem Cells

Do You or a Family Member Suffer From These Hearing Loss Symptoms?

If you have suspected that you or a family member might have hearing loss, a million questions may be swirling in your mind. Do you actually have a hearing impairment, or are you just getting older? Is this only a temporary issue?

The Procedure for Plastic Ear Surgery – Could You Be a Candidate for It?

Plastic ear surgery can give you back the ears you once had and can restore their appearance to normal. Here we look at how the procedure takes place and who is a candidate for it.

Your Hearing Aid Fitting

If you have been evaluated for hearing loss by your hearing healthcare provider, you may have already determined your candidacy for hearing aids. If you have made your ear impressions and ordered your aids, you now just have to wait for them to return from the manufacturer.

Deaf Is Visual

Deaf is not about not hearing. Deaf is about being visual.

What Not To Do With Your Hearing Aids

Modern hearing aids are highly advanced, sophisticated electronic equipment. In order to prevent damage and repair costs, regular care and precautions should be taken. Purchasing hearing instruments is a big step toward improving your daily listening life, but it also has a financial cost to protect.

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