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Why Are Your Ears Ringing?

Are you plagued with a constant, annoying ringing in your ears? Normally, this ringing, which is known as tinnitus, is not a serious condition. As a rule, those who have tinnitus are bothered by a ringing sound in their ears, or the noise may also be buzzing, humming, whooshing, and evening beating or roaring sounds, and some people even hear chirping and clanging sounds

Age-Related Tinnitus

As people age, it’s common to experience some degree of hearing loss. This happens because the nerve cells in the ear that are responsible for hearing eventually become damaged. This makes it harder for you to hear external sounds, so you become more aware of internal ones.

Ringing in My Ears After a Concert – Is This Normal?

Who doesn’t love going to see their favorite musicians live in concert? Concerts can draw thousands and thousands of fans, and each of these fans is risking significant hearing damage, especially if they are sitting or standing close to the amplifiers. If you have ever been to a concert, you know how loud they can be, and you have probably experienced ringing in your ears for a few hours after the concert has ended.

The Link Between Sinuses and Tinnitus

Sinusitis refers to an infection or inflammation of the sinuses.  This is usually brought on by an allergic reaction or an upper respiratory infection.  This inflammation causes more mucus to be produced and also causes the sinus membranes to swell.

Hormones and Tinnitus

Many people aren’t aware that hormone levels can play a role in tinnitus. There are various conditions that affect the level of hormones in the body. This article will discuss some of these conditions that are to blame.

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