This is Your Brain with Untreated Hearing Loss ?

What You Need to Know About Hearing Aids

Are you in denial about the possibility that you are experiencing hearing loss? Perhaps your spouse or children keep bringing it up. Maybe they’ve noticed you ask them to repeat a question several times or seem confused during conversations.

How to Find the Best Audiologist

Do you suspect you or a loved one has suffered hearing loss? Or perhaps you already wear hearing aids, but have moved to a new area. Finding the right audiologist can be a challenge. An audiologist is an important part of the team working with you for your overall health and well being.

Understanding Your Hearing Test – Reading Your Audiogram

An overview of the result of a hearing test with graphics. Explains the testing, symbols, and degree of hearing loss. Your hearing may not fall into a single category. One ear may “hear better” than the other. You may hear better at some pitches than others. The important thing is for you to understand how these results can affect your everyday communication and what options are available to help

Hearing Damage Risk From Deceptive Sound Level Scale

The issue of noise tolerance is known to be a key factor in failing to recognise the onset of noise induced hearing loss. Many men and women who worked on UK factory floors right up until the 1970s and 80s were constantly exposed to the excessive levels of noise produced by unshielded industrial machinery and the lack of ear protection, which eventually led to industrial deafness.

How to Overcome Hearing Loss Effectively

Whenever you find it difficult to hear audible external voices, it just means that you are having some hearing problems. It’s very common nowadays just as in the past.

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