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Will a Tinnitus Herbal Remedy Work?

Can tinnitus be helped by tinnitus herbal remedies? Over the years anecdotally there are claims to support just about every nutritional supplement and herb available. The probability of these working for a large majority of people is minimal.

Relief From Tinnitus – Have You Tried This?

There can be relief for tinnitus with trigger point work. A trigger point is commonly referred to as a tight muscle or area of a muscle belly. It is usually tender to touch firmly and sometimes can feel very taut when massaged.

The Otoplasty Procedure

Protruding ears are one of the most noticeable deformities on any person, especially children. If you are considering Otoplasty but you’re not sure what is involved, this article will explain what you can expect.

Top 5 Ways to Maintain Inner Ear Health

Everybody knows that the ear is one of the most vital organs of the human body that helps us hear sounds. Besides this, there is another important function that the human ear performs which many people are unaware of, and that is, helping us maintain our balance. Of the three parts of the ear; external ear, the middle ear and the inner ear, it is the inner ear that comprises of hearing and balance organs.

Tips For Coping With Hearing Loss in the Workplace – Hearing Tactics in the Office

There are many difficulties a hearing impaired person might encounter in a typical office. Simple tasks such as ‘phone conversations, meetings and even just general chat and discussions with colleagues can cause problems.

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