The SECRET to Reducing Listening Effort with Hearing Aids!

General Earache Remedies You Can Try For Yourself

If you have an earache, you ought to go to a medical professional for an evaluation; however there are some earache remedies that you can try until you can get to a medical professional. Earache cures that are often used, are the use of an over the counter pain-killer. Over the counter pain killers that are recommended for earache are usually Tylenol and ibuprofen.

An Ear Infection Home Remedy Using Garlic

Garlic is often used as an ear infection home remedy. It is applied in different forms, yet yields the same results. Garlic has its place in the natural healing world for several different medicinal uses. It is seen as a natural antibiotic.

Living Crabby: The Hearing Aid Fiasco

The older I get, the crabbier I become. So many things set me off that I don’t know where to start.

How Does Tinnitus Begin?

Tinnitus is not, in fact one condition, but a symptom that is caused by a variety of different things. Tinnitus is the perception of a sound in the ear that does not exist in real life.

Bernafon Verite/Versa 9 – The Worst Hearing Aid in the Bernafon Range?

Bernafon Verite/Versa 9 is considered to be the premium product in the Bernafon range of hearing aids. It provides peak levels of performance during the fast changing environments, enabling you to get the best out of the product. The instrument provides maximum possible customization to suit your needs and lifestyle preferences, especially for those who have highly active roles in their day to day life.

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