The Relationship Between Tinnitus, Sleep Deprivation, and Insomnia Explained…

Does Chocolate Aggravate Tinnitus?

There are 2 out of 10 people who are presently having tinnitus – a medical condition that is manifested by having ringing, roaring, or buzzing noise in the head or ear. It is essential to note though that noises may differ from one person to another. Nonetheless, it is usually high-pitch frequencies that are usually associated with tinnitus.

Can Food Allergies Cause Tinnitus?

The list of causative factors for tinnitus is not going down; rather, it keeps on piling up. Tinnitus is a medical state wherein there is the presence of ringing, roaring, or clanging noise in head or ear. It is definitely not a disease, but it could be a disabling disorder.

What Is the Cause of Meniere’s Disease?

From a medical perspective Meniere’s Disease is an incurable condition. Once you have it, you always will and it will only get worse. But from an Upper Cervical Chiropractic perspective the symptoms of Meniere’s Disease are frequently eliminated or significantly reduced when the upper neck misalignment is corrected. Why is there such a different perspective?

What Is Tinnitus And What Is Its Cause?

Are you hearing noises that nobody else can hear? You may have tinnitus. This article explains what is Tinnitus, some likely causes and how to deal with the problem.

Using Masking to Deal With Ringing in the Ears

Masking is used to drown out the sound of ringing in the ears with another sound. It doesn’t make your symptoms go away, it just makes it harder for you to notice them. There are a few options you can take if you want to try masking. In order to use a masking solution, you will need to visit an audiologist. He will see what degree of hearing loss you have if any. The audiologist will also try to detect the loudness of tinnitus and its frequency.

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