The REASON Hearing Loss Makes You Tired – Listening Fatigue #shorts

Ringing In Ears – Blood Pressure?

I woke up with a jolt this morning when I heard bells clanging, I turned to look at my husband and he seems to be comfortably asleep. The clanging hasn’t stopped just yet, but it hasn’t increased either. The constant clanging and banging that I hear, however, has begun to make my head throb with aching pain. I learned that tinnitus is the first signs of hearing loss. My audiologist informed me that when we begin to lose our hearing, we start to hear some low and intermittent buzzing and ringing. Like a bee flying frequently nearby or a faraway telephone that nobody picks up.

Pregnancy and Tinnitus

I have been living with tinnitus for more than five years before I got pregnant. I have been having constant and low volume buzzing in my left ear and it gets amplified when I am in a quiet place or agitated. Tinnitus is the condition wherein one perceives noises like ringing, buzzing, whooshing and clanging in one or both ears without the presence of any external sound.

Cure Tinnitus by Overcoming Stress

Like a double edged sword, tinnitus causes stress and stress can cause and aggravate tinnitus. The only way to live through both is to learn to manage both beautifully. Most of us tinnitus patients are stressed out and aggravated by the mere increase of noises that we hear and when the noises seem to be amplified the stress increases and the worse the tinnitus gets.

Certain Vitamins Can Bring Relief of Tinnitus

More research shows that diet and lifestyle have major roles in controlling tinnitus symptoms. Links have been drawn between the food that we take and the lifestyles that we practice are both directly related. People with extreme tinnitus are advised to drop salt, trans-fat and saturated fat and caffeine entirely from their diet plan.

Tinnitus Symptoms – It Gets Pretty Damn Bad

People with tinnitus don’t always know they’ve got it. Yet others can’t forget it even for a second. This article will discuss all severity of tinnitus symptoms, which should help you to gain a clearer understanding of your own situation. I have titled this particular article “Tinnitus Symptoms – It Gets Pretty Damn Bad” as an assertion that sufferers of severe tinnitus have questioned, and continue to question, their own sanity. Some have even committed suicide.

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