The NEW Resound Omnia Hearing Aid: The Phonak Lumity has Competition

Finding a Hearing Aid That Works For You

If you are having a difficult time being able to hear then you might be in need of a hearing aid. You would be wise to go to an ear professional and have a free test done to see if this would help your problem.

Facts About Microtia

Microtia. What is microtia? Microtia is a form of atrasia. Atrasia is the condition of an abnormal closing or absence of a bodily orifice. So, microtia is an ear deformity where the outer ear is underdeveloped from. child

Hear Good News About Microtia Treatment

For most babies born with a congenital ear defect call Microtia, treatment restores hearing as well as a more normal appearance. However, partial or complete deafness does not have to keep them from achieving their goals.

The Keys to Finding the Best Hearing Aid for The Price

With so many available options and price ranges, how do you know which hearing aid has the most features you’re looking for at the price you want? Read on to learn how to facilitate your decision.

Three Exciting Changes in Hearing Aid Technology

In recent years, hearing aid technology has improved a great deal. Learn about three major changes in these auditory assistants.

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