The NEW Phonak Paradise Audéo Slim: Have Phonak Finally Made Hearing Aids Cool?

What Is Conductive Hearing Loss?

There are different types of hearing loss. What do people mean when they say “conductive” hearing loss? Read on.

How Do Digital and Conventional Hearing Aids Work?

Today hearing aids help thousands of people with hearing loss. This article will provide an overview of how the devices function.

Treatment for Children With Microtia

Life can be difficult for children with microtia. The condition can affect the child’s ability to hear, in addition to their physical appearance, but there are treatment options available.

Personal Sound Amplifiers For Your Hearing Needs

If you suffer from hearing loss, odds are there are places that you avoid because you cannot hear anything. Many people with hearing loss avoid going to the movies, sporting events, and many other places because it is inconvenient and sometimes painful to try to remove the extraneous noises from the sound you are supposed to hearing.

Hearing Loss Triples Risk of Falls

Recent research undertaken by Johns Hopkins University in the US has found that hearing loss triples the risk of falls. The study found that people with a 25 decibel hearing loss (which is classified as mild) were nearly three times more likely to have fallen than those with no hearing loss.

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