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Annual Hearing Test – Why It Is Important

Having a hearing test done once a year is very important. Make sure to look at all that could happen and why you should have it done.

What Is A Hearing Aid And How Do They Work?

This is a history of the hearing aid from the 17th century to the present. The modern hearing aid was developed in the 1950s and as modern circuit design and miniaturization advance devices became smaller and more useful.

As We Age We Should All Have A Hearing Test

As we get older we all are subject hearing loss. To detect the severity and to correct the problem we all need to see and audiologist and receive a hearing test.

School Hearing Test Helps Stop Destructive Behavior

My uncle Ron was the favorite relative of all of the kids in our family. He blasted off fireworks for a living and let us come and watch the shows. After a school hearing test I learned that those fireworks shows were causing me to go deaf. I learned in time, but discovering the problem was no fun.

Get a Hearing Test and Stay Healthy

Improve your overall health and get a hearing test every year. Protect your ears and have them checked any time you feel there is something wrong to prevent issues from developing.

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