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A Hearing Test Could Clue You in to an Unknown Heart Problem

People put off getting a hearing test for many reasons. If you are having difficulty with your ability to hear, you might want to do it for the sake of the rest of your health. A problem in this area could indicate one in your heart.

The Hearing Test and Depression

If you are experiencing anxiety and depression, a hearing test may be exactly what you need. People who are unable to hear well often feel depressed because of an inability to communicate.

Top Questions To Ask During A Hearing Test

If you are going to have a hearing test, you need to make sure you have a list of questions. Making sure to have a list of what you want to know will help in all aspects.

The Auditory Steady State Response Hearing Test for Children

The most common hearing test for children is the ABR. A new testing method called the Auditory Steady State Response is similar to the ABR but is more frequency related.

Step One in a Hearing Test Is a Case History

When you are looking at having a hearing test you need to start with a case history. Use this to help you to get the starting point for where you need to look.

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