The best headphones for conductive hearing loss? #shorts

Hyperacusis – Sensitivity To Noise

Hyperacusis–or super hearing–means a sensitivity to loud sounds, or noise sensitivity. It is often accompanied by tinnitus–ringing in the ears. People who suffer from hyperacusis perceive sound as louder than it is. This represents a reduction in your threshold of comfort for sound, and is caused by an alteration in a sound-processing system in the brain. A must-read article that explains the cause of hyperacusis and also what can be done about it.

Ringing in One Ear or Unilateral Tinnitus

Ringing in one ear, also called Unilateral Tinnitus, is just one of the many types of Tinnitus. Learn here all about this type of Tinnitus and how to get rid of that irritating ringing noise in one ear.

Choosing The Best Hearing Aid

Choosing the best hearing aid can be a difficult choice with lots of different hearing aid types, makes and models. This article will help you choose the best hearing aid for you.

Tinnitus Research – The Importance Of Tinnitus Research

Most Tinnitus sufferers forget to research the cause of their Tinnitus. That is why they are still sufferers. Learn here why you should do Tinnitus Research to really get rid of it…

Tinnitus – Ringing In The Ears

Ringing in the ears–tinnitus–affects 20% of adults, and one out of three over the age of 60. While it’s extremely important that anyone suffering from tinnitus be examined by an ear specialist, the majority will be told that their condition is not serious. Many will also be informed that nothing can be done for their condition. This is not true. A great deal can be done to relive their suffering. A former sufferer from tinnitus and hyperacusis (sensitivity to loud sounds,) explains in this article.

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