The Best Earplugs for Live Music in 2022

Please, Stop The Ringing

Having spent many years in the construction industry combined with many years listening to live rock bands (Ac/Dc, The Cult, GnR, Metallica etc, not that you’re interested), you would think me a prime candidate for tinnitus, yes? Well, I’m delighted to say that other than maybe a few hours ringing after some prolonged Angus Young, my ears always seem to recover.

Medication for Tinnitus – Eliminating the Symptoms

This article explains some of the benefits and concerns of using medication for tinnitus. You will also learn about alternatives as well.

How to Stop Ear Ringing Without Breaking the Bank

When you hear strange noise in your ear (or ears), that means you have tinnitus. It’s not really a medical emergency but perhaps one of the most commonly occurring hearing problems. Tinnitus or ringing in the ears affects millions of people but not to a drastic extent. Many people who have it live decent lives. It’s unlike hearing loss, which can potentially change the way you live.

What Do You Mean by Chronic Tinnitus?

It is not a disease or disorder on its own but occurs as a symptom of various health problems. Sometimes the inefficiency in the consumption of medicines of high blood pressure and diabetes lead to tinnitus.

How to Stop Ringing in Ears With These Tips

Ringing in ears is a condition medically known as tinnitus, which is dreadful for some. This usually due to loud noise exposure although other factors and disorders (otosclerosis, Meniere’s disease, and acoustic neuroma) can lead to the ear ringing malady. A considerable proportion of the population suffers from tinnitus and other hearing disorders according to experts. How to stop ringing in ears is a concern of a few patients though.

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