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Microtia Options for Reconstructive Surgery

One congenital ear deformity that children are born with is called microtia. Options to correct this condition include surgical reconstruction as well as the wearing of prosthetic devices.

Ear Reconstruction Surgeries for Different Issues

Ears can be misshapen for a variety of reasons and may require ear reconstruction surgery. Whether the challenges are due to microtia, accidents, or oversized appendages, they can be repaired.

Ear Surgery Can Correct Several Issues

If an individual has oversized ears, microtia, or chronic infections, specific types of ear surgery can correct each issue. The procedures can be performed by cosmetic or plastic surgeons or pediatric ENT specialists.

Tinnitus Treatments – Options To Get Rid Of The Ringing

Tinnitus (otherwise known by many as that constant infernal ringing, buzzing, clicking or whooshing sound heard or perceived in one’s ear or ears) can be either mild and barely noticeable or it can be extreme and bring with it a sense of dread, frustration and even depression. If you or someone close to you has this condition then you will undoubtedly know what I’m talking. But you don’t need to put up with it and suffer through life with it alone. Read our article about treatments for tinnitus and get options that you can use to get rid of the ringing (or at the very least, greatly reduce its intensity).

Less Common Causes of Tinnitus

There are so many factors that influence the condition called tinnitus – no wonder doctors have difficulties finding one single form of treatment that would be effective for most of the sufferers. Here are the most usual, as well less common causes of tinnitus.

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