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Hearing Aid Types

Centuries back, the inability of a person to hear was considered a huge tragedy since back then people comfort themselves with music and plays and one obviously would not be able to enjoy these arts without the sense of hearing. Nowadays, those who are hearing-impaired can now sit with us in theaters and movie houses and enjoy the same things that we enjoy and this is made possible with the invention of the hearing aid.

What Causes Women To Suffer From Buzzing Ears?

While there does not appear to have been any empirical study carried out on the subject it would appear from anecdotal evidence that middle aged women who reach the menopause and experience hormonal changes sometimes experience buzzing ears as one of the many side effects of the hormonal change. A study was carried out on pregnant women in the early 1990s in the U.K, many of whom presented with buzzing ears or ringing in the ears.

What Medications Are Available For Tinnitus Therapy?

Because tinnitus has become such a common ailment the scientific medical fraternity has put its collective shoulders to the wheel in breaking new ground and trying to combat this most awful of complaints by developing new medications for use as tinnitus therapy. Many of the medical treatments mentioned below are only in the trial stages and the long term side effects are not known.

Coping With Dizzy Spells

Several factors can cause dizziness. Basically, there are three main causes and these are problems with the inner ear, the eyes, or the brain. About 80% of cases are caused by the inner ear.

How to Stop Ear Ringing

In the beginning most people do not know how to stop ear ringing. People tend to take their ears for granted and subject it to all kind of loud noise which includes hearing music loudly even through headphone and living in an area full of noise. With so much noise people start to hear ringing in their ears for no apparent reasons and they do not understand that they should stop ear ringing immediately before it turn into tinnitus. If, unfortunately, you get tinnitus, there are several treatments available to stop ear ringing.

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