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Frequency Lowering Hearing Aids

There is always a push for hearing aid manufacturers to develop technologies that increase the benefit for its users. It is universal. The latest trend in amplification seems to be the ability of the aid to lower frequency output (we are referring to pitch, not volume) into the patient’s more audible regions of hearing.

Not A Cure, But A Tolerable Treatment!

Sufferers of Tinnitus, take ear! New treatments for the disorder are now available and being used in most of Europe. No, they are not a drugs or surgery. Instead a neurologist in the 80’s researched and developed a type of treatment that helps patients with tinnitus retrain their brains to ignore or tolerate the primary symptom of tinnitus.

Ear Wax Removal As A Treatment For Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the condition that describes when a person has a ringing sound in their ears. Some sufferers describe it as a buzzing sound or perhaps different tones or noises. The intensity, loudness and how often these sounds occur varies from person to person. For some people it can just be something they hear occasionally, for others it can be a little annoying as it happens on a more frequent basis.

What Are You Paying for With the Cost of the Hearing Aid?

Numerous factors go into making up the price for your hearing aid. Beyond just paying for the device itself, there are also numerous other fees associated with it as well a medical exam, hearing test, technology, adjustments, batteries, service and warranty. There is no way to avoid any of these costs when getting a hearing device.

Problems Attributed to Loss of Hearing in the Middle Ear

Temporary loss of hearing is often attributed to an ear infection. Infections of the middle ear can create swelling of the middle ear lining and often result in fluid accumulating.

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