Secret Behind German Hearing Aid Technology!

Severe Hearing Loss: What Should I Look Out For?

The world is one of the quietest places around for 37 million Americans. Simple conversations have turned into a whisper that is not even audible.

Helping Your Hearing Aid Specialist When It Comes to Adjusting Your Hearing Aid

Many times people are not able to explain what it is that’s going on with their hearing aids. The main thing to remember when it comes to getting a proper adjustment for your device is being able to explain the problem to your hearing aid specialist.

Why Does My Voice Sound So Strange?

Hoarseness is referred to as an abnormality in the way the voice changes. Whenever the voice is hoarse, it may sound breathy, strained, raspy or even demonstrate changes in the pitch and volume.

Auditory Deprivation

During your hearing testing, you were probably asked to repeat some words at a comfortable level. This test is a test of word discrimination or speech understanding. It gives your hearing healthcare professional a small glimpse at how you perform and understand speech in one-on-one conversations.

What Role Does an Audiologist Have?

Audiologists are professionals who specialize in testing one’s hearing. They serve the role of being a provider of hearing aids, but not everyone who provides you with a hearing aid is an audiologist. An audiologist is the one whose area of expertise focuses on treatment and evaluation of those suffering from a loss of hearing.

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