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Tips on How to Stop Tinnitus at Home on Your Own

Ringing in the ears – this is just a symptom, not a disease. However, as a symptom it may occur as a side effect of a variety of diseases. Here are the most likely ones.

Best Ways to Treat Tinnitus Naturally – The Most Effective Methods

Well, if you are feeling a ringing or buzzing type sensation in your ears, you are probably suffering from a condition called tinnitus. You should know that this is a sign of hearing disorder. Usually, reasons like age, ear injury, stress or depression, earwax blockage, interruption in blood circulation etc.

Ear Wax Candles – Improving Your Holistic Health

Candling has been around for thousands of years. Many people believe ear wax candles help improve overall health. Discover the benefits of this age-old tradition and explore if this alternative therapy is right for you.

Hearing Loss: Degree of Hearing Loss

In the USA and UK it is estimated that there are nearly 50 million people suffering from some degree of hearing loss. Although more prevalent in those over 65 it still affects nearly 20 million people under 65. How exactly hearing loss is defined is the subject of this article.

The Difference Between Cochlear Implants And Esteem Ear Implant

A person with difficulty in hearing has different reasons why this is so. Some may have problems with the anatomy of the middle ear while some may also have problems within the inner ear. Cochlear implants correct inner ear problems where the cochlea or the structures inside the cochlea fail to function. Esteem implants however corrects individuals with conduction hearing problems or middle ear problems.

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