Receiving Constructive Criticism | The Death of Hearing Aid Clinics | DrCliffAuD VLOG 124

Choosing the Right Type of Hearing Aid Device for Your Needs

There are so many different amazing options on the market to choose from when it comes to hearing aid devices for those who are hearing impaired. When it comes to making your final decision for which model to purchase, that can be frustrating and overwhelming all at the same time.

When Your Loved One Needs a Hearing Test

Talking to a loved one about the inability to hear can be difficult. However, a hearing test may be a step in the right direction.

Do I Need a Hearing Test to Hear Better?

Having a hearing test to determine how well you are hearing is mandatory at any stage of life. Discusses the myriad of ways to find out if you have auditory loss and encourages you to have it tested.

How You Can Benefit From a Yearly Hearing Test

Having an annual hearing test will be of great benefit as we grow older. Discusses the benefits of having one done just as regularly as we age.

Should Babies Have a Hearing Test?

Having a hearing test performed on a baby is completely normal nowadays. It’s a vital way to discover if there is any hearing impairment. Discusses the necessity of having a test done at certain intervals of growth.

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