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Where You Can Place Blame If You Need a Hearing Aid

It can sting when an audiologist tells you that you need a hearing aid. If you’re looking for something to blame, the culprit likely belongs to one of three main categories.

A Hearing Aid Is an Eavesdropper’s Asset

A hearing aid can be used listen to things that the average person would never be able to hear. Contrary to popular belief, the technology enhances sounds in a way different to natural hearing.

How to Hear Better in Restaurants With or Without a Hearing Aid

It can be difficult to hear in a crowded restaurant whether or not you’ve got the assistance of a hearing aid. Learn some tips for improving your dining experience when you live with auditory loss.

Buying a Hearing Aid: Factors to Carefully Consider

It can actually be liberating to have an audiologist tell you that you could benefit from wearing a hearing aid. You now know what to do.

Hearing Aid: The Factors That Lead to Auditory Loss

It can be heartbreaking to learn that you are suffering from auditory loss and may need to wear a hearing aid or seek other treatment to cope with your disability. At the same time, it is often liberating to know there is something you can do to improve your quality of life.

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