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Is Work Telling You a Hearing Test Is Necessary?

If you are having trouble listening and comprehending at work, you may need a hearing test. Consider your options to see what will help you.

Damage To The Inner Ear Spotted On A Hearing Test

If you have a hearing test, they can find more than hearing loss. They may also be able to determine if there is damage to the inner ear as well.

How to Prepare for a Hearing Test

If you are getting ready to take a hearing test, you need to know what to do. Talk to your doctor to know what to expect and how to be ready.

How to Fake Your Way Through Hearing Loss Without Looking Like an Idiot

Hearing loss can be difficult to cope with, especially when hearing aids are not an option. Here are three examples of common hearing loss experiences and advice from a fellow hearing loss sufferer on how to overcome them without the use of hearing aids.

When To Have A Hearing Test

You will need to decide when is a good time to have a hearing test. In most cases, the sooner you have it done the better position you will be in.

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