Phonak Audeo Life Hearing Aid Review

History of Mastoidectomy

Introduction: “One who ignores history would do so at his peril, to be condemned to repeat the same mistakes”. A study of history of mastoid surgery and its instrumentation is important in a sense that they are the tombstones to our success today. Eighteenth century is characterized by advancement in instrument designs and sterilization techniques.

Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA)

Bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA) are implantable hearing aids that can be used to treat hearing loss of a severe magnitude. This device works directly by stimulating the inner ear via bone conduction. It has been in use from 1977 in Europe.

What Is Cerumen?

In lay terms cerumen is also known as ear wax. Accumulation of cerumen is the commonest cause of hearing loss in children. Ill advised attempts to remove it using ear buds has lead to injury to ear drum.

Psoriasis In The Ear

Psoriasis has been known to show up anywhere on your body. When it affects your ears, your hearing can suffer because of it. Come and see how to deal with it.

Auditory Health: Practicing Healthy Listening

Most smart phones or music players come with a complementary pair of ear bud or in-ear headphones. Although convenient for portability, there are health risks.

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