Phonak Audéo Fit: Interview with Leo den Hartog. The Heart rate monitor in a Hearing Aid!!

The Different Kinds Of Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is a medical condition where a person hears a sound within the ear even when there is no external sound being produced. Here are the different kinds of treatments available for Tinnitus.

The Types of Loss a Hearing Test Can Identify

There are several types of hearing loss. Some can be easily diagnosed with a hearing test, while others take extra measures to determine the type and extent.

Who Should Get a Hearing Test?

A hearing test is something that is an option for just about everyone to consider as an option when worried about your hearing. Look to see how this can benefit you.

A Hearing Test Can Change Your Life

Having a hearing test is the beginning of living a better quality of life. Discusses the advantages of hearing aids and cochlear implants. Encourages the hearing impaired person to have their hearing tested and increase their chances for a normal and happy life.

The Value of Having a Hearing Test

Having a hearing test is a valuable way to determine your level of hearing loss and just how an auditory aid will best benefit you. Discusses the values of the test and what to expect.

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