Oticon SMARTCHARGER Review | New Charger for the Oticon More Rechargeable Hearing Aid

How to Adjust to Your Hearing Aid

Much like when you were a baby adjusting to all of your senses, you are going to have to adjust to your improved sense today. A hearing aid, like new shoes, has to be broken in. There is an adjustment period for most patients.

The Characteristics of a Good Hearing Aid Dispenser

You need to be fitted for a hearing aid by a professional dispenser. Here we look at the characteristics of a good auditory care professional.

Behind the Ear Hearing Aid Benefits and Disadvantages

Choosing a behind the ear hearing aid has plenty of benefits for a person looking for convenience. There are also some downsides that need to be looked into before making a final decision.

How a Hearing Aid Works to Amplify Sound

It is a common misconception that a hearing aid works in the same way as glasses, except for the ears. This isn’t quite the case. If you’re wondering how these devices work to amplify sound, here is a quick overview of the technology.

Hearing Aid Coverage Through Your Health Insurance Policy

Many people do not have coverage for a hearing aid through their health insurance. If you do have coverage, it is important that you are following through on all of the steps to ensure that you receive your benefits.

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