Oticon More Detailed Hearing Aid Review

Ears And Antibiotics Curses and Cures

We have all known for a long time now that the effects of antibiotic overuse is going to catch up with us. Well they have. Antibiotics can be found in our rivers and streams, our livestock of every kind and our personal medications. We have used them shamelessly without any controls since they were invented. You can actually go to your local grocery today and choose your hamburger with, or without antibiotics please.

Can Your Hearing Be Instantly Cut In Half?

If you don’t think this can happen to you, then guess again. It already has! If you don’t think this can happen to you, then guess again, it already has. The ambient noise a city produces has gone up thirty three percent in the last fifty years. That’s huge! Do you hear 33% more noise? Of course not. But why not? It’s because the noise that you no longer hear, is now what’s causing you to become hard of hearing. And you don’t even know that it’s happening until it’s far too late. Here’s how it works.

Weight Gain Equals Hearing Loss

A flurry of recent articles on how weight gain “may” have something to do with hearing loss are inaccurate. Studies from years ago have absolutely proven that hypothesis time and time again. So why are so many writers saying “maybe” or “might be,” or “may have” or “could have been”? When the facts of all the clinical double blind trials so conclusive?

Is Silica Toxic to Your Hearing Aid?

There are many concerns by the public in general about the possibility of some food, chemical, or environmental factors that can cause us cancers. Blue silica gel indicator beads or cobalt chloride is one of the products that are considered a Class 2B carcinogen. They’re used for drying out your hearing aids at night while you sleep.

Ear Pain in Children? The Essential Things for Parents and Caregivers

Children old enough to communicate will complain of earaches when they have ear infections. Those unable or too young to talk will tug on the ear, cry, show irritability, show discomfort or refuse to eat. Yellow drainage, blood stained yellow ear leaks are other commonly seen signs. Many children with ear infections may have a recent or ongoing cold, runny nose and cough. Upper respiratory tract infection needs to be attended to since this can cause an infection to develop. Fever, a clogged up ear or buzzing ear sounds are also some of the accompanying complaints.

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