NPR x EarPeace Earplugs Review

Unitron – The Next Series of Hearing Instruments

Unitron is a wonderful company which has developed, produced and supported innovative and feature rich hearing aids instruments for many years. Their commitment to helping those people who might otherwise be unable to experience the benefits of hearing aids is very notable and noble. And the company also makes a strong effort in developing products which are both affordable and offer advanced features. Unitron’s the Next hearing aids exemplifies this goal very well.

Hearing Loss: The Ingenious Use of Bone Anchored Hearing Aids

The advancement of technology is staggering to watch. If you could be an objective observer for a moment – if you could somehow transcend yourself and look at the world from the perspective of someone who didn’t live in the world – what would you see?

What Is The Difference Between A Personal Sound Amplifier And A Hearing Aid?

Commercials peddling personal sound amplifiers may spark your interest if you struggle while listening to the television, conversations and other noises happening at a distance. These small devices amplify noises, according to claims, so that you can watch television without disturbing others or hear conversations in even noisy environments.

Popping in the Ears: Could It Be Serious?

Ear barotrauma is the result of damage to the ear resulting from a difference in pressure between the outside and the inside of the eardrum, which normally causes a great deal of discomfort. The pressure within the middle ear is normally the same as the pressure outside of your body.

Hunter’s Take Care – Protect Your Ears

Up in the North woods, of the Midwest, every autumn right before Turkey Day, hunters of all ages start an age old migration. The hunt’s on full force with camouflage and guns and trucks while they all search for the thirty-pointer that got away.

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