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Musical Tinnitus and Me

Musical hallucinations are rare. I’ve been in the hearing aid business since 1986 and to my recollection I’d never heard of it or had a patient that had it. So when I began suffering from musical hallucinations myself two years ago I had to look it up to find out what it was.

Cochlear Implants – A “Sound” of Hope to Millions

Want cost effective medical expertise, finest infrastructure, world-class medical care for cochlear implant surgery? India is your one stop answer to all.

Tinnitus: Understanding the Causes and Treatments

Tinnitus is a common affliction that causes a perceived ringing in the ear when no sound is present. It can be caused by a number of different conditions.

Personal Hygiene – Ways To Taking Good Care Of Your Ears

A healthy body breeds a healthy mind. You need to take care of your body every day to ensure you are in good health at all times.

When to Seen an Audiologist: Hearing Loss Symptoms in Kids

While it is common to experience hearing loss as an adult, it can also happen to children. If the following symptoms are experienced, it is important to get to an audiologist for a screening.

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