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Hearing Test For Age Related Loss

A hearing test can help an aging person determine the extent of their hearing deficiency and diagnose the problem so that an audiologist can offer a treatment plan through the use of an aid. Get a brief picture of what the process is like.

Hearing Test For Young People Who Are At Risk

A hearing test is necessary even for people who think they are too young for damage. That is because we are subjected to loud noises more often than in the past, and they cause damage and problems even over a short period of time.

What You Should Know About Having a Hearing Test

A hearing test might be just what is needed to determine loss of hearing. Discusses what can be expected during an appointment with an audiologist.

What Happens During A Hearing Test?

Many things happen during a hearing test. Use this extremely simple procedure to see if you are suffering from any loss.

What Happens If You Fail a Hearing Test?

There are different results from a hearing test. Know what to do if you fail.

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