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What to Expect From Your New Hearing Aids

You may be wary of your new hearing aids because you won’t know what to expect once they are fitted. However, if you are well informed and prepared beforehand, this knowledge should make you feel a great deal more comfortable.

Why A BTE Would Be Good For You

BTE is actually named after behind the ear hearing aids. It has become too popular because of its shape, size, comfort, flexibility, cosmetic appeal and convenience. It has Bluetooth like appearance. It is easy to wear and deal with. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is the regular change of battery. Many of us feel inhibited and shy to display our audiological loss. But patients using BTE can sport the aids with style and the best part is it is not a head turner because the device is not that easily visible.

Steps To Take Before You Get Hearing Aids

Prior to buying hearing aids, there are a few things you should do. Examples include testing your ears, contacting your insurance company, and talking to your doctor.

Is the Cacophony Affecting Your Ear Drums?

The loud honking of cars, the cacophony of myriads of vehicles in the busy city streets, the blaring sounds from the loudspeakers may hardly relieve your ear drums even for a minute. While in your household also the ears are not exempted from the high pitched grizzle of a hand blender, kitchen mixer or at times the screaky noise of a land mower. Relentless exposure to loud noise is affecting many and they are suffering from ear problems. Research reveals that more than 28 million are affected with hearing loss. People with an age over 75 have serious hearing impairment that affects their social activities and normal interaction with others. The excessive loud noise is a threat to all – from babies to oldies.

Are Anxiety and Ear Ringing Associated?

I’m going to talk to you about a very common cause for tinnitus and other issues involving the ringing in your ears. This cause is a little unexpected and rarely discussed but it will really help you out.

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