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SERPINB6: Unraveling Its Relationship to Hearing Loss

New research adds to our knowledge of the causes of deafness. In 2010, a unique genetic mutation-known as SERPINB6-was first identified as causing hearing loss in humans, but until now, it was unclear what caused the hearing loss. Researchers at the University of Melbourne and at Monash University have just discovered how hearing loss in humans is caused by that unique genetic mutation.

Hearing Loss and Our MP3 Generation

It is no secret that teens today and those of the past have always liked to listen to their music loud. But with the technology evolving, battery life extending, and ear buds fitting their ears sealing off the ear canal, what we thought was just a stereotype of our youth may be more of a problem than we ever thought.

What a Hearing Center Offers You

Have you ever wondered exactly what a hearing center has to offer? These medical facilities have specialists, tests, and devices that can improve quality of life for those with diminished sound perception.

The Importance of Taking a Hearing Test

A hearing test is not something to put off at any time. It is important that you have yourself checked out to be sure that you can hear and that nothing is wrong, so that you can avoid problems and manage them as they happen.

Get a Speech Reception Threshold Hearing Test Done

Speech reception threshold hearing test or SRT is the most important and comprehensive audiological assessment that deciphers a profound and thorough screening of the patient. Speech reception threshold hearing test is a process that reveals if the sufferer has lost any auditory sense, what is the type of loss and to what extent the ability of the diseased person is affected.

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