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New Year, Nice to Hear!

So you survived the holidays this year, but have told yourself 2013 is going to be the year that you get help in improving your hearing. Well, you are certainly not alone. Most people find the holidays a frustrating time because of the missed laughter of the grandchildren, avoidance of social situations, having to ask people to constantly repeat themselves, and so much more.

Where Do You Find Tinnitus Support

Possibly one of the most overlooked areas in the treatment of tinnitus is tinnitus support. Support means a person or a group of people who may be able to understand what a tinnitus sufferer undergoes and will offer help to ease distressing tinnitus symptoms.

Can Massage Help Alleviate Tinnitus Symptoms

Prescription medications are what most people turn to these days when they suffer from any health problem, and tinnitus sufferers are no exception. However, it has been discovered that massaging certain areas can have the benefits of alleviating the symptoms.

What Causes Ringing Ears in Children?

In children causes of ringing ears may not be noticed right away until it is too late. Very young children may not be able to complain of tinnitus and will just cry of an unpleasant sensation inside the ears. Diagnosing tinnitus in very young children and toddlers could be done through careful assessment. Does the child reach for his ears or try to put his finger inside his ears often? Does he cry and hold his ears at the same time? Do you find any hearing difficulties? Have you noticed impacted objects or cerumen in his ears when you clean them? Have you noticed foul smelling fluid coming out of his ear?

Early Ear Reconstruction and Children

It’s possible to perform early ear reconstruction, and children benefit from this. Not only can their physical body be repaired, but also their self-esteem can recover, as well.

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