Most Common Tinnitus Sounds: What Does Tinnitus Sound Like in Your Ear?

Are Digital Hearing Aids the Best Option?

Finding out you have experienced hearing loss is an overwhelming and frightening time for many people. We may think it means our life is changing forever or that people won’t see us the same way. There are many negative stigmas associated with hearing loss which can make us apprehensive about what the future means for us.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Hearing aids need regular maintenance and care to perform at their best. This prevents unnecessary repairs and provides the best value for your investment! Regular check-ups (3-6 months) are recommended to maintain the cleanliness and proper working of your hearing aids.

Ear Deformities Are Treatable

There is a wide range of issues that a child can be born with: some babies have issues with a cleft palate, others may be lacking in digits of the hands or feet. It is fairly common for children to be born with ear deformities as well. These can be upsetting and scary when first encountered, but in fact, the prognosis is pretty good for those who are afflicted, and there are a large number of treatments available for those who would like to repair the problem.

What Is Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) can happen at any age. Researchers estimate that 10 million Americans suffer from permanent hearing loss caused by noise. Loud sounds can cause long-term damage to the tiny sensory hair cells called cilia (pronounced silly-uh) in the cochlea, which is our hearing organ.

What Hearing Aids Can Do For You

Found out you have hearing loss and dreading hearing aids? Don’t! Modern digital hearing instruments could be the best thing to happen to you.

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