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What Are the Different Types and Styles of Hearing Aids on the Market Today?

Essentially there are two main types of hearing aids, analog and digital. Analog- These devices work by converting the sound waves into an electrical signal that is then amplified throughout the device.

3 Things to Look for in an Audiologist

I never had to look for an audiologist before in my life. My hearing has always been pretty good, so when my mom’s hearing started to go, I had no idea what to do or where to turn.

What Exactly Is the Fluid Wave and How Does It Affect My Hearing?

Within the ear the cochlea is considered the most complex of all the components involved. Its primary function is to take all of the vibrations that are caused by sound waves and turn them into electrical information that the brain will interpret as a distinctive sound.

Treating Loss of Hearing: What Are My Options?

The first and foremost step in treating your loss of hearing involves getting a proper diagnosis. You need to know what the cause of the hearing loss is in order to treat it.

What Is the Best Device for My Child?

It is essential to work with an audiologist to help determine what your child’s needs are. Since children are unable to make the necessary adjustments to their own hearing aids, the unit selected for an infant needs to be either automatic or easy to adjust for caregivers and parents.

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