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Does Your Loved One Need a Hearing Aid?

A hearing aid may be just what your loved one needs to feel comfortable again. Consider going to a doctor to see if this may be the solution that you need.

Adjusting to Your New Hearing Aid

The adjustment period for a hearing aid is not the same for everyone. Here we offer you some tips on how to adjust to becoming an auditory device wearer.

How Is the Modern Hearing Aid Different?

The modern hearing aid is more cosmetically appealing than older versions and employs digital technology as opposed to analog technology. These advancements offer cleaner and higher quality sound and a greater level of listening comfort.

What To Do When a Hearing Aid Is Lost or Stolen

If you suspect your hearing aid was stolen or just lost, you have some options. Learn how to get it replaced for a reasonable price.

Hearing Aid Identification in Children

There are several stages of rehabilitation that can benefit children in addition to the use of an in ear or in canal hearing aid device. The first is to identify the specific loss issue. The second stage is to implement a management routine and assistance tool for the specific patient.

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