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Hearing Aid Maintenance and Care

Regular hearing aid maintenance and daily care will dramatically reduce the need for repairs. Dysfunctional hearing instruments can happen for a multitude of reasons, but one of the biggest causes of hearing instrument break down is obstruction. Wax, debris, and moisture build up in the sound or microphone ports can impede the clear path for sound to pass through.

Hearing Aid Orientation

Once your hearing loss has been diagnosed by severity and type, hearing aids will be ordered, manufactured, and returned for fitting and hearing aid orientation. An appointment will be made for fitting and orientation. This appointment typically lasts about 45-90 minutes, but can last longer if you have never worn hearing aids or take less time if you are a knowledgeable previous hearing aid user.

Consider A Hearing Test To Prevent Against Hearing Loss

Getting a hearing test is a great way to preserve your ability to hear. Read on for more information.

How to Get Rid of Really Hard Earwax

I have had quite a few requests about removing excess earwax, so here is some further advice. In my last article on this issue I recommended the use of olive oil as an ongoing maintenance regime. It’s a fairly standard solution – literally. But applying using a simple spray is what makes one brand unique. It’s easy to apply, with little or no mess.

You May Be Due for a Hearing Test

Getting a hearing test is something that is very important. That’s because it allows the specialist to see whether or not you need some type of treatment or medical intervention. Even with that being said, many people still overlook this vital checkup.

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