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Is It Necessary For Hunters to Wear Ear Protection?

Are you someone who goes out and uses a rifle to go hunting on a consistent basis? As a hunter, are you wearing the necessary protection to protect your ears? The blast from a rifle is extremely loud, measuring in at close to 160 decibels.

What Exactly Is an Auditory Processing Disorder?

Auditory processing disorders are one of the rare problems that affect a miniscule amount of children in school. This select group of children is not able to hear the information in the manner that other children are able to.

Digital Hearing Aids Offer Numerous Benefits for Users

When you think about the wooden devices that were once used to help hearing back in the 1500s, it’s easy to see that hearing aids are making huge advancements. Taking a glance through the history of the devices will reveal astounding technological advancements. In this century, almost everything is turning digital, with hearing aids being no exception to the rule.

Microtia – Understanding Causes and the Condition

Microtia is something that many people do not understand. Knowing the causes as well as what options there are to correct it can help you make a decision.

Loss of Hearing: What Happens Now

Only a small percentage of those with hearing loss will actually seek any type of treatment, but those who do will notice a substantial improvement in their lives and their relationships. If you think you are dealing with a loss of hearing, you need to seek the advice and assistance of a professional.

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