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Microtia – Answers to Common Questions

Microtia is a birth defect that affects the ear. Kids born with this abnormality usually have small, underdeveloped ears, also known as little ear. There are various questions often asked about this issue.

Hearing Center: About Assistive Listening Devices

As any hearing center can tell you, there is a world of helpful options beyond the use of a traditional aid. Assistive listening devices can help anyone struggling with auditory impairment.

Advantages of Hearing Loops in Face-To-Face Situations

As built-ins, which are designed uniquely for each space by specialist consultants and become part of the building’s structure. These are most common in large passive hearing environments, like auditoriums, theaters, concert halls, and houses of worship.

After Tinnitus Awareness Week – What To Do Now

Tinnitus can be a range of noises or just one. Awareness that tinnitus is a condition and not a myth has persuaded the medical profession to take another look. Give your Doctor and the hospital Audiology Department as much information as you can, so that they can learn.

Reclaiming the Silence of Tinnitus for Better Livelihood

Over time Tinnitus has continued to earn an important position in the order of diseases without proper and confirmed origins. Most patients afflicted by Tinnitus have given in to underlying illnesses, which are sponsored by Tinnitus causes. Indeed, Tinnitus has no cause known to scientists, yet you may achieve some relief from this illness by determining the root causes of problems associated with Tinnitus.

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