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The Origin of Hand Signals in Baseball

If you’ve been to a Major League Baseball game, then you know what happens in the seventh inning. Most any kid can tell you the words to one of the most famous songs ever sung. Take Me Out To The Ballgame has a long history in American baseball.

Millions Suffer With a Loss of Hearing

How many times have you heard a wife complain that their husband never seems to hear a thing she says? Normally, many people feel that the husband is purposely ignoring the wife in an attempt to avoid any arguments or fighting, but in reality, more credit should be given to the man.

Loss of Hearing As a Result of Conductive Measures

Conductive loss of hearing takes place when the body has trouble conducting sound waves through the ear. It can occur from a problem with any part of the ear-the external, the inner, the middle, or the tympanic membrane.

FAQ’s About Purchasing a Hearing Aid

As soon as you realize you are having issues with your hearing, if you are dealing with any pain in your ears, drainage, excessive amounts of earwax, hearing loss that occurred out of the blue and seems to be rapidly progressing or loss of hearing in just one of your ears, you need to make an appointment and seek professional advice. Any of these symptoms might be the sign of a serious medical issue that needs to be taken care of quickly. The otolaryngologist will be able to refer you to an audiologist who will be able to perform…

Earbuds: These Tiny Little Devices Can Cause a Lot of Damage

Most people only think of earbuds as something easy to carry with them to listen to sound. They can be useful devices as long as they are used at the proper volumes. Essentially, they are a tiny little pair of speakers that can be worn on the inside of your ears. Loud music playing that close to your eardrums contributes to permanent loss of hearing.

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