How to Get Better Quality Music with Hearing Aids | Phonak ActiveVent Receivers

Finding Financing For Your Hearing Aid

You don’t have to put off getting a hearing aid if you have trouble affording one. There are programs in place that make it possible for you to get financial assistance.

Why a Hearing Aid Is Nothing to Fear

It can seem frightening to get a hearing aid. It does not have to be. With the right device, it can restore your ability to live your life the way you want.

How to Get Children Used To Wearing a Hearing Aid

Finding out your child needs a hearing aid can be difficult news to handle. Get some tips on how to get your child used to this kind of device.

There’s Fullness in BOTH Ears! Help!

Yeah, it stinks to feel clogged. Let’s talk about it!

Ear Problems – Find Out Why You Hear Clicking

In this article we will discuss four possible reasons for the clicking sounds you hear. You can then make some educated decisions on what to do about it. Sometimes other symptoms are associated with the clicking and you may not even be aware that they are all related issues.

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