How Hearing Aid Speech in Noise Programs Work | Hearing in Background Noise ?

Together, But Alone – How Hearing Loss Affects The Elderly

Hearing loss, blindness, pride and, perhaps, a good portion of Scandinavian stoicism had created a communication gap between two people who, after 70 years of marriage, were still together and very much in love, but feeling very much alone. It was painful to watch my parents drift apart.

What Is the Best Hearing Aid?

People always ask “What is the best hearing aid?” The answer to that question is quite complicated, and will vary based on a number of factors. When you get a hearing instrument, there are so many things that need to be taken in to consideration.

The Devastating Effects of Noise on Our Hearing

Loud Noises such as the squealing sound of train wheels skidding on the track, police and ambulance sirens, jet engine sounds from low flying aircraft and so on are not only unpleasant but can potentially cause hearing damage, particularly if your hearing is exposed to loud sounds on a regular basis. Now before you start panicking and rush off to your nearest audiologist or your doctor, just like everything else about our bodies, some people’s hearing will be more susceptible to hearing damage than others so it does not automatically mean that if you experience…

New Digital Hearing Aid Technology

Today’s hearing aid technology is helping people with hearing impairment where older technologies did not. All of them are digital and can differentiate between different environments. The newer technology is much smaller than before and give the wearer better hearing in different environments; especially hearing in noise.

How to Stop Ringing in the Ears

Whether you’re experiencing ringing, buzzing, whistling, or any other sound in your head and ears, it’s called tinnitus and it is incredibly annoying. Tinnitus seems like it would be a medical condition but it is actually just a symptom of an underlying condition, and it can happen for any number of reasons. If you’re going through it, all you want is for it to stop, but unfortunately before you can make it go away you have to figure out what’s causing it, because the cure is completely dependent upon the original problem.

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