Here’s how Ronald Reagan made hearing aids POPULAR! #shorts

How Noise Can Damage Your Hearing

Sound is something that we experience almost every time in our day to day life. It could be someone speaking or the sound of a vehicle or clattering of things, but some sounds can damage your hearing, here is some information to help you.

Tinnitus Relief and Tinnitus Masking

Those of us that suffer with the intrusion of tinnitus sound in our ears will know that the condition is at its worst when there is no other external noise to dilute that sound. It is at these times that tinnitus masking can be extremely effective.

Hearing Loss Is Very Common – Here Are Some Hearing Loss Facts

Out of a thousand newborns everyday in the United States, one is born profoundly deaf, while another 2-3 have partial problems. This escalates hearing deficiency as the number one birth defect in the USA.

Stop Ears From Ringing – Promising Ways

There are many methods to stop ears from ringing. As other types of tinnitus require surgery, others may be treated with the basics like an earwax removal. Different treatments are offered since each case must be treated uniquely.

Stop Ear Ringing – 3 Things To Stop Doing And 3 Things To Start Doing Now

I’ll start off by saying that I truly believe there to be a cure for Tinnitus sufferers. Many have heard it repeated time and time again over the internet, “there is no cure for Tinnitus”. Do a little research yourself and you’ll quickly find many cases of those who have completely eliminated any symptoms they had. Here are three things that someone suffering with Tinnitus can do to start them on the process to their own individual and unique cure.

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