Hearing Aids in 1989 vs. 2022 | DrCliffAuD VLOG 122

Tinnitus Treatment

When seeking the different options for tinnitus treatment, there are a couple of options that one can consider. The ringing in the head (tinnitus), is not something that is serious to one’s health in many cases, but can be very annoying and bothersome; therefore, finding the right treatment is something that has to be done to get rid of the issue.

Using a Remote Control With Your Hearing Aid

As the hearing aid becomes smaller and more advanced in terms of technology, the wireless remotes have been replacing the volume wheels and buttons that the hearing aids once had. Some of the hearing aids provide you with the ability to be able to connect your Bluetooth device to the unit with a specialized remote control.

What You Should Know About Swimmer’s Ear In Children

Swimmer’s ear in children basically refers to infection that is caused by excess water that gets into the ear. However, swimming is not necessarily the sole cause of this infection. Other causative factors could include scratching the ear roughly, eczema, cleaning the ear canal with a Q-tip or any other foreign object such as a hair pin.

What Is the Proper Way to Rate Your Hearing Aids?

It used to be that rating your hearing aid was relatively simple because there were only a couple of choices. In today’s day and age, there are literally hundreds of styles to choose from and finding the perfect hearing aid can pose quite a challenge.

Hearing Loss Attributed to Noise

If you think about it, you are surrounded by some type of environmental sound at all times. As you make your way through a typical day, sounds of the television, the radio or traffic noise are constantly bombarding your precious sense of hearing.

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